Mymensingh is one of the 16 old districts of Bangladesh which was constituted by the British East India Company on 1 May 1787.[5] Being more than 220 years old, Mymensingh has a rich cultural and political history. At the beginning Begunbari was chosen as the headquarters of the district. However the district headquarters was relocated to Mymensingh when Begunbari devastated by flash flood. Earlier Mymensingh was called Nasirabad.

Mymensingh is a district of Dhaka division, Bangladesh which was once a large district. Mymensingh district was established in 1787. This greater district was later reorganized as six districts. They are Tangail, Jamalpur, Kishoreganj, Sherpur, Netrokona, and Mymensingh. Mymensingh district has eight municipalities and twelve Upzillas. The municipalities are, namely Bhaluka, Gaffargaon, Gauripur, Ishwarganj, Mymensingh Sadar, Nandail, Muktagachha, and Trishal. The twelve upzillas are: Bhaluka, Dhobaura, Fulbaria, Gaffargaon, Gauripur, Haluaghat, Ishwarganj, Mymensingh Sadar, Muktagachha, Nandail, Phulpur and Trishal.

Boundary: This district is bordered on the north by Meghalaya state of India and Garo Hills, on the south by azipur district, on the east by districts of Netrokona and Kishoreganj, and on the west by districts of Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail.

Area: 4363 square kilometers.

Population: 4439017. Among them male are 50.62%, female 49.38%.

Religion: Muslim 94.73%, Hindu 4.25%, Christian 0.75%, Buddhist 0.06% and others 0.21%;

Ethnic community: Garo, Hajong, Koch and Hadi. They are 0.89% of total population.

Literacy rate: Among the literate 30.7% are male and 20% female.

Marks of War of Liberation: Mass grave are in Dakbungalow Char of Mymensingh Sadar, Chakbazar, Jelkhana Char, river bank of Shambhuganj, Boror Char, Agricultural University compound, Rasulpur of Muktagachha.

Main crops: Paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, oil seed and pulse, betel leaf, karalla, sweet potato, turmeric, ginger, brinjal, cauliflower and chilli.

Main occupations: Agriculture 57.67%, commerce 8.15%, transport 15.66%, construction 2.13%, service 1.21%, others 15.18%.

Communication facilities: Roads, waterways and railways.

Distance from capital: Mymensingh city is located about 120 km north from Dhaka .

Main exports: Jute, paddy, oil seed, egg, banana, leather, milk products, jackfruit, chicken and chilli.


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